Facts and Figures

Area: 1,219,912 km square.
Ethnic distribution:  76 % African Black, 13 % white, 7 % coloured, 4 % other
Religious distribution:  68 % Christian, 2 % Muslim, and 2 % Hindu
Languages: Apart from English, local languages as Xhosa,Sotho,Venda,Tsonga,Pedi,Shangan,Tswana,Ndebele,Zulu and Afrikaans is used.All together 11 offıcial languages are used.
Literacy: Primary education is compulsory. Literacy rate is 86 %
Labour:  17 million in total. 30 % is in the agricultural sector, 25 % Industrial sector and 45 % in the service sector.
Unemployment:  37 %
Annual growth rate:  3 %
Average life expectancy: 50 years
Annual Per Capital income: 10,000 USD
Inflation rate:  9.9 %
Currency: South African Rand
For more updated information please visit www.statssa.gov.za 


Exchange transactions can be done from all major banks and ATM’s. Branches of seven international banks provide service in major cities. 
Standard Bank
African Bank
Bidvest Bank
Capitec Bank
First Rand Bank
Investec Bank

Foreign Exchange

All foreign currency banknotes, traveller’s cheques can be converted at airports, commercial banks and at large hotels. American Express, Dinner Club, Master Card, Visa and all equivalent cards can be used in South Africa. Credit card usage is widespread in small towns and retail shops.
For more information please visit South African Reserve Bank website;


Please visit the South African Police Service website; 


We recommend you to have a travel or health insurance for any accidental, hospital needs. We would like to remind you that South Africa has an excellent reputation in the medical sector.

You may reach health services from the telephone directories under these headings;

Doctors, “Medical Practitioners”
Dentists “Dental Surgeons”
Hospitals “H”


South Africa uses 220/240 Volt.

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