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In an effort to celebrate the legacy of South Africa’s former President Nelson Mandela, 46664 and the Nelson Mandela Foundation are urging people all over the world to join them in a bid to create an official Mandela Day, which would be held on Mr Mandela’s birthday each year, July 18.

Mandela Day is an annual celebration of Nelson Mandela’s life and a global call to action for people to recognize their individual power to make an imprint and change the world around them.

“We would be honoured if such a day can serve to bring together people around the world to fight poverty and promote peace and reconciliation,” according to a statement issued on Mr Mandela’s behalf.

A global movement for positive change begins with small actions. was created to inspire people to embrace Mr Mandela's values and make an imprint through service to their communities.

We hope to empower people to find opportunities that address social issues such as:

•    Human Rights & Civil Liberties
•    Hunger & Poverty
•    Education & Literacy
•    Health Issues & Medicine
•    Environment, Ecology & Energy Conservation
•    Social Enterprise & Economic Development

This could mean any number of volunteer activities in your community, including, feeding the homeless, being a big brother/big sister, or visiting someone who is sick.

We urge you to stay involved year-round.

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