TOBB 72. General Assembly


TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu made a speech during the 72.General Assembly. Mr Hisarcıklıoglu focused on several topics, like democracy, equality, terrorism, Turkish constitution, economic developments in Turkey and etc. He mentioned that the terrorist attacks in Turkey deserve the same attention from the world for a better and peaceful future to all. He also stressed the importance of establishing concrete trade and investment for a more developed Turkey.

All organs of TOBB (General Assembly, Councils of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, Executive Board and High Discipline Board) are elected through a democratic process.

"General Assembly", the supreme body of the organization, consists of 1000-1300 members elected for a four-year-term by the members of the assemblies of local chambers and commodity exchanges. In turn, the General Assembly, through election, forms five "Councils" representing chambers of commerce, industry, commerce and industry, maritime commerce and commodity exchanges. The president and fourteen members "Board of Directors" are elected by the General Assembly by its members. The Board then elects five Vice-Presidents, each representing chambers and commodity exchanges for a four-year term.

TOBB has 365 members in the form of local chambers of commerce, industry, commerce and industry, maritime commerce and commodity exchanges.

The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, with its changing profile and modern vision, has demonstrated that it is a leading prestigious organization not only in Turkey but also in the world. With its consciousness of social responsibility, along with watching the business worlds’ interests in the international arena, the Union has many attempts towards Turkish entrepreneurs’ integration with the world markets.

With this purpose, the Department of Foreign Economic Relations leads to organize various events in collaboration and coordination with the public and private sector corporations, domestically and abroad. The Department is in a heavy workload following up on current issues and taking initiative to rapidly meet the needs and expectations of the private sector.

TOBB is in constant contact with many of the policy setter global organizations such as UN, WTO, World Bank, IMF and OECD. For enhancing the relations with neighbouring and strategically important countries for the country, with the collaboration with the Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, the Union, carries out operations with related Turkish and foreign organizations and pays effort to deliver information to our community, regarding economic progressions, in the fastest way.

On the other hand, in close contact with foreign mission representatives in Ankara, TOBB host the State Presidents, Vice-Presidents and Ministers of foreign countries visiting Turkey accompanied by business delegations, and carry out important activities to promote and assess the potential business areas in the country.

The Foreign Economic Relations Department, aims to effectively conduct its duties, to ensure a good environment for the Turkish Private Sector by making the necessary attempts at adapting to the requirements of the 21st Century, and to bring the country to a desired level of prosperity and development.

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