South Africa calls for a peaceful resolution to the conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

• South Africa remains deeply concerned with the escalation of the current conflict in Ukraine.

• Armed conflict results in unnecessary human suffering and destruction and can have global ramifications.

• In armed conflicts, the most vulnerable tend to suffer the most.

• The socio-economic cost of conflict is devastating and its impact will be felt around the world.

• It is deeply regrettable that this happens at a time when all countries are struggling to emerge from the economic and social devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

• The conflict presents a global economic threat which threatens the expected recovery from the devastation of COVID-19.

• The conflict will have an impact on South Africa’s economic recovery and is likely to slow down growth.

• South Africa calls on all parties to uphold and protect human rights and abide by their obligations in terms of international law and international humanitarian law.


We continue to assist South Africans to return home!

• We decry the situation at the Ukraine border where Africans were not allowed to cross and move to safety.

• South Africa endorses the statement issued by the African Union Commission expressing concern at the treatment given to African nationals and people of African descent at the borders of Ukraine.

• We urge European countries to take steps to resolve this situation as all people have a right to cross international borders during times of conflict.

• We have intervened diplomatically to assist South African and Africans to leave Ukraine after they were initially refused entry onto trains leaving the country.

• Following our intervention South Africans and other Africans were able to make their way towards the border areas.

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